Raid, Terminix miss opportunity of an election to tweet about debate fly

Doesn’t this feel like a big missed opportunity?

The fly stole the show at the vice presidential debate on Wednesday night. (Photo credit: Getty Images).

Pest control industry, this is your time to shine.

It’s not often that a bug-themed meme pops up on social media, but that’s exactly what happened after a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during his debate last night against Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). 

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign team quickly capitalized on it by putting up fly swatters for sale imprinted with the text: “Truth over flies.” Biden also tweeted the website, "," which redirects to, a website where people can check if they're registered to vote. 

Merriam-Webster tweeted that “fly” was trending on its own site for “quite possibly the first time." And, of course, parody Twitter accounts were created.

Gosh, even the Foo Fighters tweeted about it.

But from the big names in the pest control category, all that could be heard were crickets. 

One PR firm even took it upon themselves to make a fake Raid ad in response to the buzzy incident.

Who did you expect a clever tweet from?

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