'A sure-fire way to spark creativity' - What Inspires Me, with Lynn PR's Shayoni Lynn

Lynn PR's director and principal consultant explains what shifts her creativity into gear.

'A sure-fire way to spark creativity' - What Inspires Me, with Lynn PR's Shayoni Lynn

A quiet morning

A freshly brewed cuppa, a blank page, and a moment’s quiet in the garden watching the finches hop around, and I genuinely feel that there is no creative challenge that I cannot conquer. Nothing beats reflecting on a problem in the presence of nature.

I love to mind map solutions, scribbling and doodling until I find that big idea, especially when tackling procrastination or writer’s block.


Working in strategic PR with an applied behavioural science hat on, I listen to several behavioural economics podcasts.

My favourite is Choiceology by Katy Milkman, although there are many other exceptional contenders, such as O Behave! from Ogilvy Consulting and Behavioural Grooves by Kurt Nelson and Tim Houlihan.

Stepping away from the day-to-day of public relations and communications, and being able to view a problem through a totally different lens of cognitive science, economics and data science, can be refreshing and lead to many innovative (and often, counterintuitive) ideas.

If you’re interested in human behaviour and want to get to the bottom of why people do what they do, I highly recommend these podcasts to complement any strategic comms and marketing suite.


Others will swear by Instagram and TikTok, but for me, Twitter remains a firm favourite when it comes to unlocking creativity. What I like about Twitter is the mandated brevity, which makes brands condense their efforts like no other platform. Although the expanded wordcount has led to the loss of some of this charm, I still believe the diversity of thought, approach and ideas on Twitter is a sure-fire way to spark creativity.

If you’re looking for an injection of creativity on Twitter, follow One Minute Briefs. This creative community has just one rule: one minute for one great idea. Sometimes, that’s all the time we need – @OneMinuteBriefs.

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