'Greggs is always a win!' - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

Daisy Whitehouse, MD of Down at the Social, picks out the best and the worst of this week's creative offerings.

'Greggs is always a win!' - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

It’s quite hard to write a column about a week when you don’t know what day it is or what happened when anymore. It very much feels to me that this week is the week my five year old got into Minecraft, which now means we have to talk about Minecraft constantly and he now kills zombies in his sleep instead of pretending to be Kayan from The Lion Guard.

Aside from Minecraft, this week has mainly been dominated by the new king of PR, Marcus Rashford. The 22 year-old Manchester United player’s extremely well played campaign prompted a government U-turn that will see around 1.3m children fed in England during the summer holidays. A great win and such a clear argument for diversity of voices, backgrounds and experiences in politics and the media.

But on to the more creative hits and misses of the week - what have we got? Not as much as you would think. It might be time for a shake up; I have come out of researching this column wondering what we can do for our clients in the next few weeks because it’s quiet out there.



Always a win is Greggs! Trending for bringing back sausage rolls!

They haven’t even done much. There was a triumphant 'we’re back' on social and a lovely video (Zoomers and boomers and 44k views can’t be wrong), but being the brand that brings you steak bakes and sausage rolls was enough to set Twitter alight and no doubt bring back the queues.

Someone has even tweeted them to say that they miss Greggs more than their own family!

The Positive Space

The way in which we engage with our cities is changing so dramatically in the pandemic and I love this campaign in Dublin.

The Positive Space comes from Anthony Remedy, Corina Gaffey, and Naomi Gaffey who recognised that the absence of gig, movie and theatre posters around the city was leaving uninspiring gaps that reminded them of how much culture COVID-19 is costing us. So they used a crowdfunding campaign to create a gallery to showcase local photographers’ work on disused billboards across the city and it has created something vibrant. A beautiful way to connect with the space and its people.

Dacia Duster

Finally, PR'ing an ad campaign is one of the trickiest plays in the PR toolkit. Making an ad just isn’t news anymore - sorry clients.

However, the new Dacia Duster ad has smashed it. The do-it-yourself ad is filmed in a flat in Israel. It shows the car driving through the night, but all is not as it seems. The car is a miniature and it’s driving in front of a laptop background with a hairdryer for sound. The ad is cute, it speaks to now and it tells the audience a whole load about Dacia as a brand whilst no doubt also keeping costs down and getting round the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Even more importantly it’s got talk- and share-ability.


FaceApp gender swap

A massive miss for me is the awkward gender swap trend using FaceApp that is sweeping social media this week.

The government and Piers Morgan got involved, which should ring alarm bells quite quickly for anyone. It feels very tone deaf right now. Surely the government should be busy with more important problems and I have seen many trans people comment on how uncomfortable this trend makes them feel.

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