Miller Lite just started tweeting photos of goats and we don't know why


This is a story about a beer brand tweeting photos of goats with no context because it’s 2020 and honestly we're just going with it.  

Miller Lite is spraying images of the majestic (and quite frankly, underrated) creatures all over social media to much approval of its thirsty audience. 

We can’t find a reason why. And that mystery is part of the allure. So, hell, we’ll give them some organic PR. 

The barrage of goats started on Sunday and shows no sign of abating. 

It's not clear if Miller is calling itself GOAT, or is praising some other world famous GOAT. It could even be a subtle response to Busch Beer's out of touch tweet last week which read: "If 2020 was a beer, it'd be a Miller Lite." The post was later deleted.

One thing is clear, though: It's #MillerTime.

P.S. Miller Lite: Please explain yourself.

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