'Miniature men rowing down a blob of paint' - What Inspires Me, with The Romans' Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker, creative at The Romans, reveals what stirs her creative mind.

The PinkLemonade

If I ever need to jolt my old noggin out of any ideation ruts, you’ll probably find me perusing Instagram’s unpredictable, pop-esque, multicoloured sweet shop that is... The PinkLemonade, by Francesco Vullo. Its arresting profile, a grapefruit that can only be described as vaginal, immediately lets you know what you’re in for: beautifully crafted, zeitgeisty imagery pooled from the world’s best contemporary photographers, designers and artists. Yes please.

I’ve attempted to describe some of what you’ll find…

Miniature men rowing down a blob of paint. Mugs with tits. A woman with a security camera tiara made of pearls. A King and Queen of Hearts who’ve had an almighty row.

…but to assure you I’m not on some sort of lockdown acid trip, I’d advise you to check it out yourself.


Now on to some decent jams. I find a funky track can really get me in the right mood for thinking, and Poolside.fm serves up some of the best. I was recently introduced to this particular internet radio station by none other than MC Joe Mackay-Sinclair, and I’ve never looked back.

It has best been described as "like a collection of records collated by an 80s Floridian porn star". But it doesn’t just stop at the music: the website is a real treat for the eyes – bubblegum pink and purple colourways, 90s operator fonts and some hilarious VHS visuals. Think Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air doing that clicky shuffle dance, 80s aerobics, cheesy car ads and Malibu beaches.

If fresh ideas call for some fresh beats, head to Poolside.

‘The sidebar of shame’

Searching for inspiration can’t always be highbrow. Not everyone cares about the latest V&A exhibition or what The Week has to say about the world.

Sometimes I like to delve into the dark depths of the internet, where political correctness goes to die. Namely, the Mail Online’s ‘sidebar of shame’. You know what I’m referring to; that TV and showbiz section containing celebs' outfit blunders, bikini-clad B-listers and anything David Beckham has done.

#SorryNotSorry, but sometimes it has to be done – all in the name of research, of course.


My good friend, Twitter

I’m sorry not to be leaving you with some mega-woke, ultra-trendy humdinger of a final inspiration section, but… sometimes there’s nothing better than a good old Twitter trawl to get those creative juices a-flowin’. A wise person once said that great ideas are brutally simple. Well, there’s nothing like 280 characters as an exercise in how to distill.

Just this morning I’ve seen Marcus Brigstocke, head to toe in glitter, doing his best Donna Summer lip-sync; a meme of an exhausted pug cuddling a toy pug (summing up just about everyone’s feels in self-isolation); and a compilation thread of all the creepy waves from Quiz. Inspirational? Yaas.

Just remember to mute Piers Morgan.

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