Free Wi-Fi in Wagamama? Your alternative (tongue-in-cheek) guide to PR-relevant acronyms

In a constantly evolving PR landscape, txt spk shortcuts can save valuable seconds when communicating with your industry friends and colleagues.

Are you up to date with the latest acronyms? Here’s a short guide…

1. IMO: Influential Millennial Onboard

Campaign saved. Reach guaranteed. Expected engagement levels: off the charts! It’s time for Champagne and high fives all round. Actually, no high fives, in line with new hygiene guidelines. Or bubbles because it’s 11am… so, fist bumps all round then. Nice job!

2. LOL: Leaving Office Late

Sorry. Again. It’s just we’re waiting on feedback on our influential millennial deck and we are literally expecting it to come through any second. Once I action the changes, I’ll be there before the trailers are finished. And if I don’t make it at all you can tell me the plot in the pub later.

3. TBH: Totally Brainstorming Hungover

Pub was definitely a bad idea after the cinema. Film sounded good though! Just a shame I’m expected to contribute creative thinking at some point in the next 60 mins and I’ve nothing left to give.

4. ROFL: Reaching Out For Learnings

Main learning I took from this morning’s brainstorm is that I need to have better creative thoughts.

5. IDK: Innovatively Developed KPIs

Good chat this morning on our KPIs for the upcoming campaign. We’re aiming for a great mix of totally aspirational and utterly attainable.

6. FWIW: Free Wi-Fi in Wagamama

Working lunch today, but needed to get away from desk. Come join me to eat and not chat because I have to get this thing finished and sent before my two o’clock Zoom call.

7. SMH: Somewhere More Hyperlocal

The client wants the launch event to be held somewhere super-relevant to our target audience. Like a trendy bar or event space, but even more hyperlocal than that… Somebody on the call mentioned a ‘really cool bus shelter’ he’d been to in that postcode.

8. STFU: Synergised Takeaways Further Understanding

The reality is we will all be in a position to get a better grip of expectations if we receive consolidated feedback in a bite-sized format that is easily digestible.

9. BRB: Busy Ringfencing Budgets

I’d love to stay and chat but I’ve got to go and make sure we have enough coming in to get that bus shelter thing sorted in H2.

10. TL/DR: Thought Leader Didn’t Respond

Oh, well. Disappointing. Reached out for approval on the influential millennial bus shelter idea, but it looks like they’re switching focus and concentrating in a different space right now.

Cahir McDaid is senior communications manager at Smarts

Thumbnail image: @GettyImages

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