'The arrogance behind this gruesome video bothers me' - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

Yasmine Triana, head of public relations at Rooster PR, gives her take on the week's creative output.

We’ve all felt it this week, with the news dominated by tragic events both in the UK and internationally. It’s pure coincidence, but perhaps that’s why the campaigns that really stood out to us all have a common interest in making a difference (apart from one, and sorry in advance…)


Dave at The Brits

Full disclosure… I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard Dave’s music before this week, but his performance of ‘Black’ at the Brits stands out as one of the most compelling and creative moments the awards show has seen for a long time.

As it starts, I sit up, put my phone down and listen – this is something that deserves my undivided attention. The simple and symbolic stage set, with a black and white digital animation set on top of his piano, perfectly encapsulated Dave’s powerful and politically charged lyrics.

His additional third verse caught mass media attention, hundreds of thousands of social posts, and more than one million views on YouTube. Within just one minute Dave successfully caught the ears and eyes of the world for his powerful statements on racism at Number 10, prisoner rehabilitation, accommodation for Grenfell fire victims, Meghan’s treatment by the UK media, deforestation, the Windrush generation, and a special dedication to Jack Merritt.

Speedo Mick walks 1,000 miles

Mick Cullen deserves a special shout-out for just being brilliant.

Hats off to Speedo Mick for battling storms Ciara and Dennis in his “knickers”. Mick’ raising money for the Leave the Light On charity to run community projects for disadvantaged people, focusing on mental health and positivity.

Armed with just a phone and his lucky Everton Speedos, Mick’s gathered more than 100,000 followers from his videos, dancing, smiling and ‘causing trouble’ as he walks from John O’Groats to Land's End. He’s £15k off his £250k target by tomorrow – good luck Mick!!

The Big Issue of period poverty

I’m disappointed to see the fairly modest pick-up of this one; perhaps I underestimated the taboo of periods still today.

Social enterprise Hey Girls has partnered The Big Issue for a 24-page magazine solely dedicated to raising awareness of, and tackling, period poverty.

Featuring information about products, poverty and the environment, and with contributions from Caitlin Moran and Michael Sheen’s #Pads4Dads campaign, it’s one for all the family.

The magazine coincides with the launch of the ‘Unsanitary Pads’ in Asda, raising awareness that one in 10 girls and young women are forced to use socks, loo roll and newspaper as a substitute for period products. Hey Girl donates one pack of products for every product bought. That’s awesome.

'Poo in the shower' survey, QS Supplies

I know, sorry.

I fought with myself on this one as it is ‘just a survey’… and no one wants to be the PR that wrote about poo - the survey found one in 30 people deficate in the shower. But when I found out who it came from (online bathroom shop QS Supplies), it made me chuckle. Resulting in a multitude of coverage across national and lifestyle press, plus chatter across the office – *shrug* – it goes in.

MISS (maybe...)


This caused some debate in the office.

Rory Stewart asks to kip on your floor in his campaign for London Mayor, because “change can’t happen sitting behind a desk. You have to get out and understand the realities on the ground.”

Is it a bit creepy? Absolutely.

But is it really a miss? Lots of backlash and mockery on social throughout the week, but considering almost no one knew who Rory Stewart was until recently, you can’t deny it got us talking. Plus, in a nation that is overwhelming tired of politics right now, it’s refreshingly different, at least.

Thousands of Londoners have signed up to host him on their floor, apparently.

I think I may have just talked myself out of this one.


'The Mouldy Whopper', Burger King

Burger King shows off what its Whopper would look like after 34 days with no artificial preservatives.

It’s more the arrogance behind this gruesome video that bothers me. It knew what it was doing and it's achieved it (look at me writing about it). But there are two elements for me that really miss the mark:

1. Does it make you want to eat it? No, it’s repulsive. Show me the delicious parts of ‘real food’.

2. The product’s not available until the end of this year, and even then, only in the US – so it just highlights the fact that BK's current burgers do still have artificial preservatives. I’m scratching my head at the budget and time spent on a product that no one can buy and that could turn you off its current menu.

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