'When a great quiz comes along, I'm in serious awe' - What Inspires Me, with BCW's Pete Way

What fires up BCW creative director Pete Way's creative mind?

Media: the weekend papers

It seems old-school, but the papers are still a wealth of ideas, insight and inspiration – and there are still some epic journos out there, Marina Hyde being one of them. As a researcher on the Big Breakfast, we were told/forced/sacked if we didn’t read the papers every day – and I buy the Sunday Times and Observer religiously every weekend and read them on my commute in during the week, and still get a bucket load of ideas from them.


Gaming: my Playstation

Ever since my gran bought me Electronic Mastermind (not an electronic game, gran!) I have been a pretty obsessive gamer. The likes of Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty feature immense storytelling and should not be ignored creatively. I am also playing a lot of FIFA 20 at the moment, playing every Crystal Palace fixture prior to their actual Premiership game because I am superstitious and possibly a little bit tragic.

Quizzes: Only Connect

I am obsessed by trivia and quizzes, in fact for a while was head of the BBC Quiz Unit so when a great quiz comes along, I’m in serious awe. And this is the queen of quizzes. Presented by Victoria Coren-Mitchell who is brilliant. I genuinely marvel at people’s capacity for knowledge and love how much this show embraces that it is cool to be clever.


"The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible" – David Ogilvy

@GrumpySkeletor, @GalaticKeegan, @HistoryMuppet and @Vizcomic - best things on Twitter. And Arrested Development, Father Ted, 30 Rock, Derry Girls and Silicon Valley are all classic telly.

And at some point, I have already, or will, ‘borrow’ from all of them…

Shop - Mr Overalls

I was born in Norwich and this is the greatest shop ever (about five miles outside of Norwich). All it sells is overalls; like a massive aircraft-hanger full of overalls. I love the simplicity of its offering; if you want overalls, go to Mr Overalls – end of. Life and ideas don’t have to be complicated.

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