How Kellogg Company's Diane Sayler is juggling two Super Bowl campaigns

Pringles and Pop-Tarts are both planning big game activations.

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness stars in Pop-Tarts' Super Bowl ad. (Photo credit: Kellogg company)
Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness stars in Pop-Tarts' Super Bowl ad. (Photo credit: Kellogg company)

BATTLE CREEK, MI: It’s complicated enough to manage one Super Bowl campaign, but this year Kellogg Company’s Diane Sayler found out she would be overseeing PR for two big game brand campaigns for Pringles and Pop-Tarts. 

Sayler, associate director of influencer engagement and integrated marketing, has worked on Pringles’ Super Bowl campaign each year since 2018, but this year Pop-Tarts is also airing an in-game ad.

"We launched Pop-Tarts Pretzel, our first sweet and salty Pop-Tart," said Sayler. "It hit shelves in December, so it made sense to advertise the new product during one of the biggest snacking occasions of the year."

The Pop-Tarts campaign features Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness and plays on the idea that Pop-Tarts has "fixed" the classic pretzel with its new product.

Pringles partnered with Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty on an ad that promotes flavor stacking the chips.

Managing the communications and roll out for both brands, along with different messages and creative, has hurdles for Sayler, but Pop-Tarts and Pringles’ teams have been careful not to step on each other’s toes.

"We don’t want to be pitching editors the same story from both brands at the same time," she explained. "We had to triage out who we were talking to and where there was overlap."

For Pop-Tarts, the Kellogg team has pitched to entertainment publications; for Pringles, the Rick and Morty tie-in has been highlighted for technology and gaming publications.

"We have been cognizant to stagger the comms," said Sayler. "Pop-Tarts went Wednesday and Pringles went Tuesday. We were giving room for each of them to breathe a little bit."

Pop-Tarts was supposed to release its campaign on Monday, but plans changed after NBA legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash on Sunday. 

"We took a pause for respect for the families and to let that news have room," said Sayler.

Internal communications have been critical for both the influencer and PR pushes. Different internal teams have been working on both campaigns, but Sayler said she is the unifying factor, overseeing both. The Kellogg Company, as a whole, works with Weber Shandwick on PR. Grey Group is working on creative and social strategy for Pringles and MRY is doing the same for Pop-Tarts.

"It has been a team effort for comms within the Kellogg Company," said Sayler. "We have a weekly regroup to make sure we are sharing best practices and learnings from each other and trafficking against each other. Internal news amplification has been part of my role."

Both campaigns have celebrity partnerships. Pop-Tarts had to find someone who is a true brand fan, has the right voice and is family friendly, and Van Ness fit the bill. For Pringles, Sayler said there have been a lot of logistics.

"Two times a week we connected with Adult Swim’s team on press timing and the social media plan," she said. 

During the game, Pringles fans can engage with the brand on Twitter.

"We will be engaging with other brands in the game in our Twitter war room in New York City," said Sayler. "We are collaborating with Twitter, agency partners and Kellogg’s own legal, social and marketing teams."

Pop-Tarts, meanwhile, will hold a giveaway on Twitter during the Super Bowl, giving consumers a chance to win a box of Pop-Tarts Pretzel and a sequin crop-top like the one worn by Van Ness in the advertisement.

Budget information was not disclosed for either campaign.

"The Super Bowl is still one of the biggest stages for brands to engage with their fans on social and reach such a wide breadth of consumers," said Sayler. "There aren’t many other times you get people waiting for the commercial break or going to YouTube to find the ads. It still makes sense for us."

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