Barbie, bouquet, bigger Big Mac - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

Amy Jones, associate director at Hope&Glory, gives her take on this week's creative tops and flops.

Another slow week in PR-land as we all hide from the media abyss that is Brexit week/month/year/lifetime, and now we have Coronavirus to take our minds off things too… So, for the most part, I went light here.

They might not be ground-breaking, but they're fun. I think we need fun today. Plus chips.


Return of the return of the Mac

It's the moment I think I can safely say we've all been waiting for – The Grande Big Mac is back on the McDonald's menu. Again. Plus some other things, but frankly, I didn’t even read what else.

For eight, delicious, life-affirming weeks you can upgrade your Big Mac (already a sizeable Mac) and go full family-sized Mac for £4.39. You can also add bacon for some reason. This is following its initial sell-out launch in 2018 and original return in 2019 (alongside Mac Jnr, which they’ve sensibly deleted). Honey I blew up the burger is fast becoming an annual tradition, and why not? It works. I for one am wholeheartedly (while the heart still works, of course) behind it.

Everything at Fortnums

Unsure what's happening at Fortnum & Mason at the moment, but just one week after it announced its pop-up wedding chapel (because who wouldn’t want to get married on a shop floor?) it has launched ketchup and chocolate truffles with Heinz.

Heinz said: "The bright and tangy tomato flavour from the ketchup bursts through the silky creamy rich ganache with a sweet finish." Fortnum & Mason described the treats as "unexpectedly delicious". I love the disparity almost as much as I love the chocolate box itself; it’s beautifully done and it's certainly got us talking.

Barbie diversity dolls

A worthier one now. Mattel has made some welcome additions to its popular Fashionistas collection, designed to broaden diversity of its range.

This time around, the launches include a doll with no hair and another with the skin condition vitiligo. The dolls join a 170-strong range, which launched in 2015, including dolls with prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, more diverse hair, eye and skin colours and realistic body types.

After years of white, blonde dolls with unachievably tiny waists and a bust that would, in reality, make poor Babs face-plant the second she toe-walked out of the Barbie Dream House, this couldn't be more welcome.

Trolls calling out the toymaker for 'tokenism', please take note that last year, the two bestselling Barbie Fashionista dolls in the UK were in wheelchairs, and in the US, the top-selling doll for almost every week was a curvy black doll. These dolls are wanted and needed. The kids playing with them are finally seeing it – and getting the message that they can be it.


Gin bouquet

Edinburgh Gin has created a gin bouquet. I could have ignored this if it was an actual bouquet made of mini gin bottles. But no! It's a normal boxed bottle of gin with a bunch of flowers thrust in. I could create that in a service station (I actually might).

Add to that all the other pretenders throwing themselves into the bland PR mix. A chocolate bouquet. Candle bouquet. Doughnut bouquet. All launched pre- this Valentine's Day. It was a good idea the first few times; I loved the bacon roses a few years back (the original? We'll never know) and, let’s face it, we've all done similar.

But I think it's time to retire the alternative bouquet now. RIP.

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