'Definitely alive' with a 'clean bill of health': MoonPie mocks Mr. Peanut -- and Trump?

"Real doctors" supposedly confirmed MoonPie has the vitality and mental fortitude of a brand at least half its age.

MoonPie is using Mr. Peanut’s reported untimely demise to tout its own vitality and brag about its "physical strength and stamina" in a press release. 

MoonPie tweeted the statement on Thursday to let the world know that its 102-year-old brand is alive and well, "in lieu of the recent deaths of brands and/or brand mascots (for marketing reasons)." 

The release pokes fun at Planters’ Super Bowl ad, which depicts 104-year-old Mr. Peanut sacrificing himself at a critical dramatic moment so his friends could live to see another day. However, some cynics among us think Planters is just toying with our emotions and that the well-dressed old nut is still alive

And in what could be a dig at President Donald Trump’s "clean bill of health" claims, MoonPie’s tongue-in-cheek press release said it has the vitality and mental fortitude of a brand at least half its age. This belief-defying statement is according to "real doctors" who conducted tests on the brand including: an MRI, this or that, SWOT analysis, flossing, marshmallow echocardiogram, how many fingers am I holding up?, S.P.O.R.F.S. and chocolate Rorschach.

MoonPie is "probably strong enough to beat your dad in an arm wrestling contest lol really just want to stress again the whole brand being alive thing," the release says. 

Tributes to Mr. Peanut have been rolling in from brands such as Reese’s, Mr. Clean, Snickers and Oreo since his death was announced by Planters on Wednesday.

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