PRWeek's most-read content of 2019

When it comes to the most-talked-about marketing of the past year, it truly was the year of Peloton.

That Twitter thread mocking Peloton ads even made its head of marketing laugh
January 30

Ah, the life of a Peloton owner: sweating it out in luxe homes and apartments, usually in exotic locales. It’s truly the exercise regimen of the completely unaware 1%. That’s the jist of Twitter user @ClueHeywood’s series of posts mocking the exercise brand’s marketing campaign from last winter. It was pretty funny, even Peloton’s head of marketing had to admit. But is Peloton still laughing 11 months later after another widely mocked campaign?

MillerCoors responds to Bud Light in full-page New York Times ad
February 5

Brands. PRWeek readers just love it when they fight. Remember the Super Bowl ads in which the Bud Knight sees barrels of corn syrup being delivered to MillerCoors’ kingdoms and accuses the company of using the ingredient in its brews? MillerCoors tried to go medieval on Bud Light in response by taking out a full-page ad in The New York Times. Things escalated from there

Fake Pop-Tart flavors are a daily thing on social media, but the brand isn’t worried
March 7

Seaweed, tofu, Jell-O shots. What can’t you stuff a Pop-Tart with? Turns out, the brand seems only slightly less extreme examples every day on social media, and it lets them slide. That’s big of you, Pop-Tart, and effective, too. 

Agency ‘thrives’ after ditching social media and influencers to focus on traditional PR
July 24

Let’s be real for a second. At a lot of PR shops, even in 2019, influencers are still kind of dunno emoji, with questions like, "Are they actually effective?" "Are we paying them too much?" and "are they worth all the trouble?" Australia-based agency The Atticism decided to kick influencers to the curb and focus on traditional, bread and butter PR. After an early hit, the firm says it’s working. 

PRWeek US Awards 2019: The winners
March 22 

Everyone loves a winner, and at the most recent edition of the PRWeek Awards in March, there were a lot of winners. Two decades of them, in fact, as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of PRWeek in the U.S. And you could hear a pin drop as Communicator of the Year honoree and activist David Hogg addressed attendees.

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