Brands2Life launches new influencer marketing service

Agency Brands2Life has launched a new influencer service to help marketing organisations find and work with influencers and creators across both consumer and B2B sectors.


Called PUNCH, the service will combine artifical and human intelligence, matching data-intensive rigour with human judgement to ensure brand alignment, reduce risk and help maximise returns from influencer investments.

In addition, PUNCH is end-to-end, helping not just with influencer identification, but also strategy, validation, engagement and ongoing management.

"Influencer marketing has, for many, lost some of its shine. Poor brand alignment and tactical consideration of influencer fit has led to poor and ineffective partnerships, some of which struggle to show ROI in spite of considerable investment," said Kinda Jackson, managing director, digital and influencer at Brands2Life.

The service also has an influencer identification and verification tool that will asses authority, relevance, impact and authenticity. It will go beyond engagement metrics, such as to look at subjective measures like professional experience and post quality.

"We know that marketing teams struggle with where to start, and how to measure the impact of their influencer engagement programmes. PUNCH is designed to break through that," added Jackson.

The services will be delivered by the agency’s influencer specialists.

"When people talk about influencers, thoughts naturally turn to consumers," said Armand David, managing director, applied innovation at Brands2Life.

"B2B influencers should not be overlooked – that’s why we’ve worked in tandem to create PUNCH PRO, which fills the gap in what is a growing and increasingly impactful niche."

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