#AdsThatShouldBePulled was trending, and we have some thoughts...

Which advertising campaigns should never have existed in the first place?

Hallmark Channel pulled a Zola commercial showing two brides kissing, then reversed itself again and decided not to stop airing the ad. 

Then the hashtag #AdsThatShouldBePulled trended on Twitter this week, and that got us thinking: Unlike the Zola spot, which ads should actually be shelved?

More than a few tone-deaf campaigns have felt the wrath of critics. 

Let’s start with Peloton’s A Gift Like No Other ad, which some thought was sexist. Last month’s advertising outrage was South Dakota’s meth-prevention campaign, Meth. We’re on It, which left Breaking Bad fans across the country scratching their heads. 

A spot that went down in history, in a bad way, was Pepsi’s commercial from 2017 starring Kendall Jenner making peace at a protest of police brutality

And some people just want an ad pulled because they can’t stand a spokesperson or mascot. 

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