Reddit, Colors, and one simple question... What Inspires Me with Grayling's Julian Cirrone

Grayling's new creative director, Julian Cirrone, reveals what makes his creativity run riot.

Reddit, Colors, and one simple question... What Inspires Me with Grayling's Julian Cirrone


The front line of the internet. A place where debate is encouraged and where you find the ridiculous, controversial and side-splittingly funny on virtually every page. I make a point of visiting the splurge of opinion and content every day – if for nothing else, just to put a smile on a my face!

Colors YouTube channel

My go-to for discovering new music, genres and artists. Not only is its selection of emerging global artists inspiring the work playlist, but the issues they pen to lyrics, attitude, style and expressiveness are a joy to watch. The different sets are always on point too.


I've got three kids aged 13, seven and two. Their difference in age is fascinating to watch when they are together (and behaving!), but most intriguing to me is their nature to question "Why?" Daft, obvious, rude questions are thrown out at a rate of knots in our household and likely many others, no doubt; and certainly on more than one occasion it's inspired ideas, brainstorms and campaigns I've developed.


Eat, sleep, move

About 18 months ago, I had a conversation with creative coach that fundamentally changed my life. As well as finding out what really motivates me and my work, we discussed the aspiration of achieving creative flow, where ideas feel effortless – but which, as a result of the daily grind and a misunderstanding of what's important, can elude us all too often. The advice he gave was to simply assess how well I moved, ate and slept. I've kept assessing those three things on a regular basis and, without a shadow of a doubt, it has led to a much greater sense of possibility, inspiration and motivation. I'd encourage anyone reading this to give it a try.

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