Around the office with...Biden for President's Kamau Marshall

Biden for President's director of strategic communications talks "CampPain" workouts, The Hollywood Reporter and go to campaign food.

Photo credit: Andrew M. Lee/Plwatcher Photography
Photo credit: Andrew M. Lee/Plwatcher Photography

How do you start the day? 

When I wake up I check my email and then read the news of the day, along with a ton of clips. I head to the gym around 6:15 a.m. to begin my "CampPain" workouts, which consist of lots of cardio or a morning jog. After that, I rush back to freshen up. Before I make it into the office, I usually have completed two to three job-related calls and I read more clips and news of the day.

What do you check/read/look at first? 

I check emails. I read a host of politico outlets, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Axios and The Beat, clips of the day — for starters. 

What is required political/comms reading? 

It typically includes a host of readings from various outlets and news of the day, etc. However, my go to reads are Politico: Playbook AM & PM, Morning Score, Huddle, and Influence. The Beat by Tiffany Cross -- I like it because it’s a diversity outlet covering a host of topics and updates. Also, I read a lot local outlet news from South Carolina, Nevada, Iowa, and New Hampshire.

What political/social leader influenced you the most?

That’s a tough question. I look at things very different when it comes to different generations and eras. I would start with Rep. John Lewis; second, my former boss Rep. Elijah Cummings. After that, Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and lastly Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When it comes to political comms, it’s Kevin Lewis (Obama administration), Jamal Simmons (Clinton administration) and Stephen Krupin (speechwriter).

What was your first comms job?

After I left the U.S. Senate and took a job off the Hill, my first real comms job was at SKDKnickerbocker.

Most regrettable career moment?  

In all honesty, I don’t have a regrettable career moment. It hasn’t been perfect, but it hasn’t been bad either. If anything, I would say I had some great teachable moments where I’ve learned and gotten better. Also, I’m still getting better with time.

What’s your go to campaign food: pizza, burgers, tacos...? 

Campaigns are hard on your body. My goal is to become healthier on the campaign trail. Saying that, if it’s free pizza in the office I will eat it. Especially if I’m extremely busy. However, most days I tend to eat a salad for lunch while snacking on fruit, cashews and almonds on a light night. 

What’s your ideal day off? 

I like to be home relaxing and getting as much rest as I possibly can.

What is the most unexpected part of your job? 

From time to time, I get to work with some outstanding surrogates, such as elected officials, dignitaries and high-profile individuals.

How are you preparing for the inevitable win/loss?

When I took this job with Vice President Biden, I was with him and this team no matter what. I have plans for both. But right now, I’m in it to win it. 

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