DIARY: Harrison Cowley has a foot-in-mouth moment with Yorkshire Insider

Red faces abound at Harrison Cowley's Leeds operation due to an e-mail mix-up with a local business magazine.

Researchers at Yorkshire Business Insider were surprised by HC's Heidi Folland's recent answer to a request for details of the office's finances, as part of a league table on the area's PR outfits.

'Loretta, being chased again. I'll just leave it shall I?' said the e-mail mistakenly sent to Yorkshire Business Insider researcher Rob Mayfield instead of intended recipient and director Loretta Tobin.

'I feel I ought to go back,' the e-mail adds, 'we will probably need them at some point for positive news coverage on us.'

But Heidi, why the secrecy, surely this would have been an ideal opportunity for good publicity?

Another e-mail, this time sent correctly to Mayfield, attempts to explain: 'We have undergone a number of changes ... and are in a transitional phase.

' We are currently very busy with new business and rebuilding the office, but our figures do not represent the reality of the situation.'

For those not familiar with what one Yorkshire Business Insider staffer calls 'euphemisms for having a difficult year', the office team has gone from 11 last year to five and there have been just two new business wins since June.

An honest mistake, sending an e-mail to the wrong person, but one that has Yorkshire Business Insider staff rubbing their hands in anticipation of HC's next attempt at good publicity.

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