CAMPAIGNS: condomi fun strategy has dual purpose - E-PR

Client: condomi

PR Team: Frank PR

Campaign: Size Him Up

Timescale: August 2002

Budget: Undisclosed

European condom manufacturer condomi launched in the UK in early 2002, and hired Frank PR to raise brand awareness.

condomi wanted to position itself as edgy and youth-focused in comparison to its more traditional competitors, and emphasise the fun elements of the brand while maintaining its responsibility to keep consumers informed on the more serious issues of safety and protection.


To create a platform to showcase the full condomi product range in a fun and interesting way to its core target audience of 18 to 30-year-olds.

As approximately 40 per cent of the condom-buying public in this age group are women, it was important to appeal to both male and female audiences.

Strategy and Plan

Frank created an online 'Sizemograph' for estimating the size of a man's penis at, based on the idea of a virtual pharmacy, complete with assistant.

Visitors were invited to input details about the person whose penis size they wish to estimate, including their hand, foot and nose measurements. The engine then calculated the likely size, as well as suggesting which would be the most appropriate condom from the condomi range.

The concept was aimed at both women eager to assess the size of prospective partners, and, less overtly, to men who could use the site to 'double check' its accuracy.

The first stage of the campaign was to e-mail subscribers to - an internet magazine for 18 to 25-year-old women - directing them to the site via an invitation to guess their partner's size. News of the site was also posted on viral forums including the Lycos Viral Chart.

Next came a conventional media relations drive targeting mainstream media.

Frank produced press releases with storylines estimating the 'size' of famous men including politiciansTony Blair and Iain Duncan Smith, and also footballerDavid Beckham.

Measurement and Evaluation

The first e-mail achieved a response rate of ten per cent, which took the number of site visits up to 40,000 within a ten-day period.

The 'guesstimation' campaign attracted broadcast and press coverage, and the site was mentioned by The Sunday Times, The Guardian, the Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Sport as well as CNN and the BBC. was Yahoo's worldwide site of the day, and within a fortnight of the first editorial coverage over 100 sites worldwide mentioned or linked to it.


As many as 543,000 visitors hit the site in August, making it one of the most successful viral campaigns ever in terms of driving traffic to a website.

The split of visitors was 50:50 male to female, and over 10,000 visitors left their e-mail address requesting further information about condomi.

Eight weeks after the campaign, the site was still receiving an average 5,000-6,000 visits per day without any marketing support.

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