EDITORIAL: Celebrity PR remains a valid field

Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan's glee at getting one over on celebrity PR this week will have led to more than a little nervousness among PROs who entertainment stars.

For those who missed the details, Morgan said he was sending 'a message to celebrities who use the law as an extension of their PR firm that newspapers will defend themselves vigorously'.

He is right, of course, to resent the fact that Naomi Campbell repeatedly lied in a bid to protect her image, and is justified in feeling now a touch of the schadenfreude she was so vocal about when the initial breach of confidence ruling went her way in March.

But to infer from his indignation that the core of celebrity PR is infested with rotten lying maggots is a step too far. Yes, it is outrageous that Campbell should have been so duplicitous, but celebrities - like any entity with audiences to communicate to - have a right to position themselves in a certain way, to put out messages consistent with that positioning and to deflect criticism in any legal and ethical way they see fit.

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