9 questions for Dancing with the Stars cast member Sean Spicer

Former White House spokesman talks about his latest reality TV adventure.

Former White House press secretary is set to return to the public eye on reality TV. (Pic: Getty.)
Former White House press secretary is set to return to the public eye on reality TV. (Pic: Getty.)

LOS ANGELES: On Wednesday, ABC announced on Good Morning America that former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer will be one of the contestants on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.

PRWeek spoke with Spicer to discuss his appearance, his current political involvement, and if he has any chance of winning the dancing competition.

Before any dancing questions, how is your consulting firm RigWil doing and what’s your current involvement in politics?

The firm is doing well. We’ve got a good number clients that pay us well. And then on the political side, I’m an adviser and spokesman for America First Action SuperPAC for the president.

I have a firm, point1.gop, It’s a political mail and digital consulting firm. It has just north of 20 clients and we got another one just today who is in Nevada running for congress.

His name is Dan Rodimer and he’s a former wrestler. We launched his campaign on Fox & Friends and launched the digital and mails [portions] as well. Of the top 15 competitive house races, we will probably end up with five of them."

What do you think of the White House killing the press conference in favor of Trump answering questions while walking to Marine One?

I believe in media having access to government officials and I don’t think anybody would dispute the fact he has been tremendously accessible.

The thing I find fascinating is that the ultimate goal is to know what the leader of the free world is thinking. And that’s provided almost daily to the press corps.

What do you think about the public reaction to your Dancing with the Stars appearance and the threat of boycotts? How are you responding to the cancel culture?

Too often we forget we’re a pretty evenly divided country. It’s just that the left predominantly gets the headlines. But when you look at where people fall ideologically, there’s going to be hopefully an equal amount of support [from the other side]."

When did the opportunity to appear on Dancing with the Stars present itself?

After I left the White House there was an initial offer and it didn’t work out timing-wise. Through that process, I got to know some of the executives on the show who have a variety of other projects. And we stayed in touch and just kept the conversation going.

From my businesses’ perspective, everything was in a good place and the timing was right. It was about time to have some fun.

How often do you have to practice?

They tell you to practice five hours a day, six days a week.

Do you have any dancing experience?

I have had two experiences doing the father-daughter dancing thing.

Does the show pay well?

Yes, it is a decent amount. 

How well do you think you’ll do?

The upside I have is I’m easily the worst dancer. So I can only go up. There's no question people make significant progress from wherever they start. These other guys are all pretty good.

When does it all start?

At the beginning of next week when we find out our partner and when it’s the first practice.

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