Flack on Friday: Home Office chicken shop campaign roasted, PR definition, putting the boot into generic creative

In Flack this week: has Flack found another PR campaign copycat, or are more great minds thinking alike? Plus PR explained for school kids, and comms pros serve pun-ishment on Home Office chicken shop campaign.

Well-heeled campaign looks familar

Flack got his y-fronts in a twist last week about similarities between a new campaign for cider brand Frosty Jack's and last summer's Gregory and Gregory film for Greggs.

Both were built on the premise of tricking 'discerning' consumers that a mainstream brand is more desirable by giving it an upmarket name and image makover, and selling it in a posher location.

The impact comes when the true identity of the product is revealed to the unwitting members of the public.

Flack has since found out the same premise was used for a popular campaign last autumn for American discount shoe retailer Payless ShoeSource.

The brand was renamed Palessi and given a boutique facelift in a pop-up store. This time influencers were caught out, paying hundreds of dollars for shoes worth no more than $20 or $30. Have a look at the video below:

Is anything original any more? Or is this a case of great minds...?

(In the interest of fairness, Flack contacted the US agency behind the Palessi campaign, DCX Growth Accelerator, to get their view but received no response.)

Don't hamper crime fighting

Lots of criticism yesterday of the new Home Office campaign to target knife crime with messages on chicken box lids.

This response is among Flack's favourites. Biting.

Flack also spotted this idea on Twitter, which may or may not have also been a retort to the aforementioned campaign:

Clucking good wordplay

Sticking with the campaign, and Flack has learned that some of his pals from the BME PR Pros conhort have taken to mocking it using some A-grade punning. Enjoy:
  • For fork’s sake! Put down the knives!
  • Walking away doesn’t make you a chicken...
  • Choose Chicken - not beef?
  • #KentuckyFriedIgnorance
  • Young people. Things can only get batter...
  • Unlike these chips, people shouldn’t be a-salted...

Public Relations (PR) Gets a Firm Noticed in the Media…

…and here endeth the lesson. Flack was dismayed to find out, via Chameleon CEO Tom Berry, that GCSE business students are provided with this limited description of PR, and not a whole lot more, in their standard guide:

And we wonder the industry is so widely misunderstood.

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