Why personalized hair brand Prose launched a magazine

The first issue of the quarterly publication is focused on inclusivity.

Personalized hair-care brand Prose launched an in-house publication this week, dubbed At Length, with the first issue focusing on inclusivity.

The magazine features articles such as A Brief History of Wigs and Beauty School Drawbacks from contributors including Amber Nicole Alston, Archana Ram, Cheryl Grant, Deanna Pai, Garret Munce, Gina Way, Lyz Mancini, Nikki Naser, Nykia Spradley and Rachel Morris. 

Campaign U.S. caught up with Amanda Flores, Prose’s content and communications director and editorial director of At Length, to find out more about the quarterly publication.

Why launch this now?

We are part of a larger conversation about hair and beauty that goes beyond hair-care products. This magazine will help us engage our community in a way that’s different than how we’re speaking to them on our digital platforms. There’s something so special about a curated print magazine that we have a big appreciation for and that we wanted to gift to our community. The content we created for the magazine had to speak to everyone, no matter their demographic.  

We have so many in-house experts, from our research and development chemists, to data scientists to hairstylists who all have a wealth of knowledge in the beauty and hair-care space. The magazine is a way for us to share that with our community in a more in-depth, even more intimate way.

We want it to read like a thoughtful piece. It’s not trying to sell anything.

Why this topic first?

Inclusivity is so intrinsically tied to what we do at Prose. When our founders sought to create custom hair care it was to be inclusive to all hair types and needs, without putting people into boxes based on gender or ethnicity. Going beyond our products, we’re building a community that’s inclusive of everyone and that’s reflected in our messaging and in our content across all of our platforms, including our magazine. 

How many will you do per year?

We’ll publish four issues a year.

What's the goal with the magazine? 

Unlike a traditional beauty magazine, you won’t find pages of hair tutorials or tips and tricks. We already have a blog, P.S., that focuses on trends and education about hair care that does really well for us. The magazine takes it one step further to broaden that conversation and look at topics that touch our everyday lives as people, not just as hair care consumers.

Is it print and online? How do you budget for the print issues if so?

We are offering the magazine complimentary to all subscribers but will also have a way to view the magazine digitally on Prose.com. 

Any other future issue topics you can share?

Our next issue will focus on the power of strength and bravery. Stay tuned for more details.

This story first appeared on campaignlive.com. 

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