Where were the tea brands during Tuesday's World Cup semifinal?

Most U.S. tea brands missed a golden opportunity after Alex Morgan's goal.

Photo credit: Getty images
Photo credit: Getty images

England lost to the U.S. in the semifinals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup on Tuesday, but one U.K.-based tea brand was way ahead of its American rivals on Twitter. 

At least three social media managers woke up and smelled the tea, or at least the opportunity to make a joke about tea, after U.S. star Alex Morgan celebrated her go-ahead goal against England by mockingly "sipping tea."

Inexplicably, many tea brands were late or didn’t even show up at all to the, ahem, tea party. Even Lipton, which has an easy in considering that it’s a part of the actual Kermit the Frog tea meme, has stayed on the sidelines. 

Perhaps tea brands were worried about angering English customers, who weren’t thrilled with Morgan’s gesture after the U.S. defeated England 2-1.

The three brands that did seize the moment didn’t do anything too noteworthy, but they do get points for a good effort.

We rated the brand responses as follows…

Yorkshire Tea

Although Yorkshire Tea merely quote-tweeted Match of the Day and wrote one word here, the English tea brand’s response was the best overall. It was playful, but most importantly, fast. Tweeting in real-time got Yorkshire Tea’s post more than 200 likes, 20 retweets and 13 replies. We give this tweet 8/10.

And let’s not forget that a three-word tweet in response to Kanye West won Burger King U.K. awards at last month’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. 


Tazo also responded quickly, boldly congratulating Morgan for the goal and supporting her gesture, complete with tea-drinking meme. However, the tweet barely got any engagement, with only 17 likes and four retweets as of Wednesday morning. We gave this tweet 6/10.

Bigelow Tea

Cute response, Bigelow Tea, but there’s a big problem: it wasn’t posted until Wednesday morning. That’s way too late, especially since Alyssa Naehler’s hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut, is only a short walk from Bigelow’s headquarters. Red card! We gave this tweet 3/10.

So even though England lost on Tuesday, the U.K. tea brand won a small moral victory on Twitter.

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