Journalist and influencer to merge... and other media predictions from 30 Under 30 alumni

Five years from now, what will be the biggest single change in the media? PRWeek posed that question to the PR professionals who were included in 30 Under 30 between 2015 and 2019.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

"A merging of journalist and influencer… as the traditional media industry slowly declines. The national features writer will also be a podcast producer, and the consumer fashion assistant will host a YouTube channel. The concept of dual-career Millennial will really come into force within the media industry." Laura Rudolph, associate director, Kazoo Communications

"Traditional media will no longer be in decline. It won’t necessarily be thriving as in the days of old, but a new normal will be emerging where the strongest brands and businesses will have developed sustainable longer-term business models, and the weaker ones will have fallen by the wayside." Julian Rea, managing director, Liminal

"The lines between paid-for/sponsored and editorial content will become more blurred. Even as a communications professional, I sometimes struggle to tell the difference between sponsored content and editorial articles, which means that an average reader is unlikely to be able to distinguish between the two – and this is pretty worrisome." Nina Jaksic, vice-president, EMEA communications, BNY Mellon Investment Management (below)

"We’ll see a rise in self-published media, from blogs to podcasts [and] articles written by anyone with an opinion. It’ll become evident that you no longer have to be a journalist to speak up on something that takes your interest." Viola Hazlerigg, strategist, The Romans

"The ongoing growth of online ‘content-first’ publications is changing the face of the media." Victoria Dacker, vice-president, customer experience, Weber Shandwick Sydney

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