Cost of London PR commute from outside M25 is 16 per cent of pay

PR professionals living in the 17 most popular commuter towns outside of London pay about 16 per cent (£5,622) of their average take home pay on their commute into work, PRWeek can reveal from a new study by Tyto.

The daily grind of travelling to and from London takes a hefty toll on those outside the M25
The daily grind of travelling to and from London takes a hefty toll on those outside the M25

On average, PR professionals who live outside of London and make the daily commute spend 2.46 hours travelling to and from work each day, which works out to about 24 full days per annum in travel.

If the overtime rate is applied, the cost escalates to an average of £13,154 per annum.

PR professionals with young kids in childcare can add an additional £4,500 per annum of wraparound childcare fees.

The research analysed the 17 most popular commuter towns outside of London and calculated the time of travel and cost based on the average salary (£47,370) from this year’s PRCA Census.

It then calculated the take-home pay (£35,749) and worked out the percentage cost of travel on take-home pay, unpaid overtime, as well as the additional cost in childcare.

Commuter costs by location

Oxford is the most expensive journey into London, with an average annual cost of £6,874, closely followed by Worthing (£6,518) and Tunbridge Wells (£6,410).

However, Worthing tops the list in terms of time, consuming 3.9 hours each day, followed by Oxford (3.45 hours) and Maidstone (3.15 hours).

Tyto, which has an ‘agnostic location’ working policy – where staff can choose to work at home – wanted to analyse the personal toll of daily commutes into London.

"Financially this makes no sense at all, and London employers need to urgently look at more remote working models if they are to be able to hang onto the best talent," Tyto founder and managing partner Brendon Craigie told PRWeek about the cost of commute and childcare. 

"London commuters are also paying for their commute in time with the average time cost of a London PR commute nearly two and a half hours per day. That’s a terrifying 24 full 24-hour days of a person’s life per year.

"How can we expect professionals to deliver their best work when they have to expend so much energy before their days has even started? Is this really contributing to a work life balance and the health and wellbeing of the profession?"

"By addressing the pain of commuting and proactively embracing more remote working, the industry has an opportunity to make a transformative financial and lifestyle difference to thousands of professionals that must endure the daily commute into London."

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