Would you name your baby Klondike...for a Klondike bar?

Watch: Actress Anna Farris goes undercover as a marketing director to try to convince expectant parents to do just that.

"When you think about it, names are simply noises that we make out of our mouths."

That’s what Anna Faris, disguised as a marketing executive from fictional media company Biovertising, tells expectant parents in a new video from Klondike. Then she makes the offer: in exchange for a lifetime supply of the ice-cream bar, their unborn child’s middle name must be "Klondike."

It’s a tough choice: a lifetime of embarrassment for a lifetime of free Klondike bars. Did any of the parents take the ice-cream-sandwich bait and agree to make their kid a "walking billboard?" Watch the video to find out.

Late last year, KFC tried to convince parents to name their daughter "Harland" after KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders in exchange for an $11,000 college fund. Why $11,000? The figure was selected in honor of KFC’s 11 herbs and spices.

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