Around the office with North 6th Agency's Daniela Mancinelli

The COO of the award-winning PR and social media agency dishes on her morning ritual, her most regrettable career moment, and how she would spend her ideal day off.

When do you start your day?
I’m more of a night owl, so it’s never easy for me to get out of bed. I’d say on most days I’m up at 6:15 a.m.

What’s your pre-work morning ritual?
I’d love to say I go to the gym in the morning, but that rarely happens. My level of morning exercise consists of me walking to the Nespresso machine straight from bed.

What do you check, read, or look at first?
I check emails. I also like to scroll through the morning headlines and review the calendar for the day.

What’s your commute to Soho like?
The commute is one of the reasons I moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. I walk three minutes from my apartment to the ferry, take the ferry across the Hudson to Brookfield Place, then walk through Tribeca to our Soho office. It’s 30 minutes door to door.

Required reading
Harvard Business Review.

First comms job
I worked for a boutique PR firm in Los Angeles where we serviced film, TV, and fashion clients. I remember compiling press kits for the cast of The O.C. and True Religion jeans on my first day.

Best career advice
[Keep your] eye on the prize. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Perception is the only reality.

Most regrettable career moment
Waiting too long to move on a tough decision when I knew in my gut it was the right decision to make.

Favorite post-work activity
Spin class and dinner with friends in New York City.

Ideal day off
This would require more than one day, but getting lost in the streets of Rome with my family is hands down my ideal day off. Italy always grounds me, and being back in such a magical city with my family and friends re-energizes me for the year.

Most distinct aspect of your personal office
A glass wall separates my office from the CEO’s office, and we had blinds installed in order to divide the space and create privacy.

It’s become an inside joke that when the blinds go up, it means I need to run in and bail the CEO out of a situation.

What is your favorite perk at work?
With pace points (a company employee reward system), we’ve created a variety of exciting perks for our team members to choose from. The perks can range from cash to sabbaticals or health and wellness programs.

My favorite perk is the ability to open a remote office anywhere in the world. I would choose Singapore.

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