Confessions of a social media manager: PRWeek meets five shooting stars from online PR in 2018

PRWeek launched a second series of 'Confessions of a social media manager' earlier this year, profiling those at the online coalface for some of Britain's biggest brands and organisations. Here's a look back...


Greggs isn't everyone's cup of tea (devotees of Jesus or veganism, look away now), but the baking brand now has a place on most British high streets and its online popularity is growing almost as fast as its store footprint. Clever PR activity – such as this year's Valentine's Day campaign – has been gaining notable column inches, while a shameless, down-to-earth social media style embraces brand values rather than apologising for them...

Confessions of a social media manager: Greggs on 'natural' conversation, marriage proposals and avoiding bandwagons

BRU planet

It's hard to think of another product so synonymous with its founding nation as IRN-BRU is with Scotland. With this kind of iconic status comes great responsibility, and a recipe change earlier this year provoked a strong reaction among 'Bru fans'. Dealing with the associated fallout while cementing the brand's burgeoning reputation as a master of social is all in a day's work for the man at IRN-BRU's online coalface...

Confessions of a social media manager: IRN-BRU on cheeky exchanges, staying 'on brand' and Iron Maiden

Scot what it takes

The rapid rise of social media as a marketing tool has undoubtedly proved an unnatural bedfellow for some industries, while fitting seamlessly into the raison d'être of others. VisitScotland's social supremo told PRWeek how the organisation harnesses the medium's obvious visual characteristics to reach further and wider than ever before...

Confessions of a social media manager: VisitScotland on deep analysis and the power of user-generated content

Four the many

You could be forgiven for thinking TV channels have an easy job on social, with truck-loads of ready-made content and a team of experts able to cut and package it to suit. However, the sheer number of broadcasters out there renders it a major challenge to stand out from the crowd. Channel 4 has definitely managed it, and here's how...

Confessions of a social media manager: Channel 4 on Facebook's algorithm, spreadsheets and Jon Snow's toilet

Virgin on the ridiculous

There is no 'one size fits all' for management of brands on social – that's why Virgin Trains divides it into different workstreams, run by people with different skillsets. PRWeek persuaded the transport operator's head of social media customer service and its head of social content to reveal what it's like trying to simultaneously execute a social strategy and handle customer queries. And yes, it does include the much-discussed Avocard launch...

Confessions of a social media manager: Virgin Trains on finding stories, being human and Will Ferrell's toilet seat

The next series of Confessions of a Social Media Manager will kick off in the new year – email with your suggestions for brands/organisations that 'do' social better than most.

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