Cat on the keyboard or a cry for help? What's Burger King up to?

The Whopper chain posted a tweet that left a lot of users scratching their heads on Tuesday.

When all else fails to grab attention on social media, just type gibberish.

That seems to be the tactic Burger King took on Wednesday afternoon. The Whopper chain tweeted what appeared to be nothing more than a string of random letters and numbers. (Or maybe a social media manager just has a malfunctioning smartphone. Who knows?)

Was it a cry for attention? Did a cat step on the keyboard? Or is it part of a super-next-level social media stunt that we mere mortals are only beginning to understand?

Whatever its intent, the chain is proving that a brand doesn’t need to be coherent to engage with fans. The tweet has already garnered 4,700 retweets and more than 10,000 likes, as well as 2,500 comments.

Since hitting send by mistake or not, Burger King has been responding to comments with more mumbo jumbo. Brands such as Jimmy John’s, DiGiorno, Little Debbie, Archie Comics, and The Walking Dead have also gotten in on the "conversation."

A Burger King representative could not be immediately reached for comment.

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