Major firms 'inconsistent in their marketing channels'

Many of the world's biggest firms are failing to provide an 'integrated' experience for customers because of a lack of cohesiveness in their marketing channels, new research by Lewis suggests.

Lewis' Giles Peddy: 'Firms must accelerate their integration of the marketing ecosystem'

Analysis of the world’s 300 largest public companies found many don’t use simple mechanisms for optimisation such as schemas, tag management, and personalisation of paid content, while social media "remains a megaphone rather than a channel to engage and interact with customers".

It also found the ‘hackability’ of websites was much higher than expected, with 17 per cent of companies in the Americas failing to use HTTPS for website, which is seen as more secure than HTTP.

The comms agency has created a score out of 110 for each firm in what it calls "quantified engagement", ranking them on an index called the LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker. Microsoft is ranked number one, nearly two points higher than the second placed company, Bank of America (see the top 10 global list, below).

Of the top 10, five are from financial services, and three based outside the US. Companies from more sectors made up the top 10 lists outside the US – the highest ranking firms in EMEA and APAC were from the FMCG, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, telecoms, oil & gas, and mining industries.

Giles Peddy, SVP, EMEA, at Lewis, said: "Winning the engagement battle is the new frontier for marketers, and measuring it is more critical than ever. We believe that companies must accelerate their integration of the marketing ecosystem and begin measuring it as a collective, not as a series of islands. This is why we believe we are on the cusp of a new era in marketing called "Quantified Engagement’."

Top 10 global list, according to the Lewis Marketing Engagement Tracker

  1. Microsoft, 97.8 (out of 110)
  2. Bank of America, 95.9
  3. Intel, 93.4
  4. PNC, 92.1
  5. Allstate, 90.8
  6. Blackrock, 90.8
  7. Aetna, 90.6
  8. Unilever, 90.23
  9. Danone, 90.23
  10. Accenture, 90.08

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