Frank PR suspends 'rogue release' employee as Scofflaw slams 'idiotic' PR disaster

Frank PR has suspended the employee it says was behind a 'rogue' press release that promised Trump supporters free Scofflaw beer, while the US craft brewer has slammed the PR disaster as 'absolute nonsense' and 'just idiotic' misinformation.

Scofflaw owners Travis Herman and Matt Shirah.

The scandal, which erupted last Thursday, led to BrewDog severing ties with the US beer maker, while BrewDog’s PR firm Manifest pointed out that the pro-Trump messaging contradicted BrewDog’s core values.

Scofflaw’s embattled UK PR firm Frank, which has not responded to PRWeek’s request for comment, released a brief statement on social media (below) apologising to Scofflaw, BrewDog and "anyone that may have been offended by these actions".

The statement added: "On 27th September, a statement was released to media by an individual employee of Frank without Scofflaw’s approval. The reputation of our client is of utmost importance and we are taking this matter seriously. The employee has been suspended while an investigation takes place."

Scofflaw said it was "appalled" by the inaccurate posts that were "released without Scofflaw’s knowledge or approval".

"This post is absolute nonsense. While we definitely have country roots, no one at Scofflaw Brewing or those associated with our brand, is now or has ever been, rooted in hate. We do not tolerate hate — that’s just idiotic," Scofflaw owner Matt Shirah said.

"We welcome anyone who enjoys good beer. Scofflaw’s ascension in the States and our presence here in the UK is propagated in hard work and humble beginnings.

"This misinformation shared over social media today is simply wrong...we couldn't care less about your political viewpoint, only that you like our beer."

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