Pramana Collective rolls out new offering

The firm is breaking out a popular service provided as part of broader offerings since its inception.

Pramana Collective rolls out new offering

SAN FRANCISCO: The Pramana Collective has rolled out a new offering called the Pramana Identity Process.

Unlike traditional agency practice areas, Pramana provides its clients with five "projects." The projects are time-based, much like workshops or conferences, and are meant to achieve goals that are "actionable and meaningful," according to the firm’s website.

The identity process, the firm explained in a statement, is something Pramana has always done for clients as part of those other projects. However, partner Kamyl Bazbaz said it was always one of the firm’s most popular offerings

"We asked our clients and we asked ourselves: What did you get out of [our projects] that was the most helpful?" Bazbaz said. "What is the thing you’re still using now that has stayed with you and been the most helpful? And basically, it’s the Pramana identity process."

In a statement, the company said corporate executives often hope for quick fixes to comms problems that don’t address the underlying issues. And while the identity process addresses those core problems, Bazbaz said it’s not a strictly theoretical exercise.

"It’s not about finding some pie-in-the-sky lofty purpose to sort of slap on to your company," he said. "It’s about really looking hard within and finding the reasons people get up and go to their jobs every morning. And then using those authentic truths to create a story and messaging framework and marketing position...that can bring everything together."

Pramana has recently made six hires, including: Univision vet Natalia Moreno as a principal, Airbnb’s Kristen Winzent, The Atlantic’s Mary McGee as an analyst, Kraft Heinz Company’s Rachel Gibian as an associate, Bateman Group’s Maria Naccarato as an associate, and Refinery29’s Farial Asmat as an associate.

Due to Pramana’s flat, informal structure, Bazbaz said none of the new hires continually reports to an individual Pramana partner, but instead reports to partners as needed when they participate on client-based teams.

The firm has retained its flat team-based structure and has included many high profile comms pros from the tech world since it was formed in 2013.

Pramana’s cofounders include Sean Garrett, Brandee Barker, and Brian O'Shaughnessy.

Garrett, the former VP of communications at Twitter, began collaborating with Barker, who was previously director of global communications and public policy at Facebook, and O'Shaughnessy, the former head of global communications at Skype, in early 2013. They revealed the name "the Pramana Collective" in March 2013 via a Tumblr post.

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