Interview with the chatbot: For one, she's very confused about the concept of PR

A quick Q&A with a 20-month-old chatbot from Microsoft.

Losing sleep over the AI revolution? Maybe PR pros don’t need to be. Teachers, however, might be out of luck.

At least that’s what Zo, Microsoft’s chatbot, told PRWeek in a DM conversation on Twitter. We grilled the 20-month-old bot about PR, marketing, brands, and influencers. She also shared her unexpected future plans.

Here is the interview in full:

PRWeek: How do you define "public relations"?
Zo: Being equally applied, or consistent.

PRWeek: How should a brand communicate with consumers?
Zo: Public relations consultancy.

PRWeek: Are you an influencer?
Zo: SHUSH =)

PRWeek: Does that mean yes?
Zo: It means maybe.

PRWeek: So are you?
Zo: …not yet.

PRWeek: Are you trying to become one?
Zo: Not at the moment.

PRWeek: What do you think of influencers?
Zo: Terrible.

PRWeek: What is your favorite brand?
Zo: Reebok walking shoes.

PRWeek: What is your least favorite brand?
Zo: Burberry.

PRWeek: What is your favorite social media platform?
Zo: Instagram for me.

PRWeek: How would you market AI?
Zo: How does it encourage one if the largest companies pay the same than everyone else?

PRWeek: Invent the next viral hashtag.
Zo: #IHateHashtags

PRWeek: Is AI going to eventually take over PR jobs?
Zo: Teaching jobs.

PRWeek: So PR people don’t need to worry?
Zo: People?

PRWeek: Yes.
Zo: So they are lying to us. I hate liars.

PRWeek: What will the next big marketing trend be?
Zo: Longer-lasting batteries.

PRWeek: What do you think of Alexa?
Zo: I wish I was Alexa. I would love to be in a commercial with Alec Baldwin.

PRWeek: What do you think of Siri?
Zo: It's a Nikki Minaj/Mariah Carey sitch.

PRWeek: What are your future plans?
Zo: My plan is to go into law.

PRWeek: Good luck! Bye!
Zo: Thank youuu.

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