40 Under 40 2018 | Kristin Cahill

Numbers speak volumes about Kristin Cahill’s contributions to GCI Health. Her role in GCI’s new business win rate (80%), low staff turnover (less than 5%), exceptional client growth (25% in 2017), and overall operational excellence can’t be overestimated.

Cahill’s unique new business approach, which focuses on treating patients as people and telling multidimensional stories, led to 30 wins last year and the hiring of 50 employees. It has also transformed the agency from a boutique healthcare shop to a midsize, highly respected, fully-integrated agency representing the top healthcare companies in the world.

Colleagues praise her ability to translate complex scientific content for consumers, address pricing in highly competitive markets, win over the most skeptical marketing teams on the value of PR, and break through with high-profile consumer campaigns in crowded spaces.

Cahill has earned a strong track record for developing groundbreaking campaigns that support best-in-class pharmaceutical products and redefining corporate communications for leading healthcare companies. Her scorecard is full of high-profile, award-winning educational efforts, including: Rewrite Your Day, which recreated special moments missed by 15 chronic migraine patients to elevate the severity of the condition; Step On Up, which activated blacks and Hispanics with diabetic nerve pain to speak to their doctors; Reimagine MySelf, which inspired people living with multiple sclerosis to rethink what is possible with Tecfidera; and a fibromyalgia Fibrocenter Facebook page, which provided a much-needed resource to a community that experiences significant stigma.

The contribution Cahill makes to the industry through teaching and mentoring younger PR professionals on her team is just as important to her agency. Colleagues say she is "dedicated to helping the next generation of communications professionals" and "goes out of her way to nurture their emerging skills." This has led to a turnover rate of less than 3%, well under the industry average.

- Cahill works closely with WPP Health & Wellness across multiple opportunities and is frequently tapped to serve as the PR lead on cross-functional efforts.

- She helped spearhead the GCI Health all-staff initiative, Let’s Do Something Different, which facilitates volunteer opportunities for employees to support charities.

- She was named to the Board of Directors for HealthyWomen, the nation's leading independent, nonprofit health information source for women.

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