Kraft wants to settle the debate: Is Mac & Cheese best eaten with a spoon or fork?

The brand is letting consumers choose what utensil will be featured on its box next year. (Spork is not an option).

Americans are divided about many things: politics, soda vs. pop, and whether to eat macaroni and cheese with a fork or spoon. Kraft Mac & Cheese has featured a spoon on its box since the late 1990s, but it is letting the public choose whether it will change the utensil to a fork.

Kraft Mac & Cheese began the campaign in the run-up to National Mac & Cheese Day on July 14. Its marketing strategy is to insert the product into National Mac & Cheese Day conversations through social media content and to pitch the news for inclusion in roundups ahead of the holiday, said Jennifer Healy, head of brand building for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

The brand created a Twitter poll on July 10 that is set to end on Saturday, asking consumers if they are #TeamFork or #TeamSpoon. #TeamSpork is not an option.

As of press time, #TeamFork is winning by a large margin: 62% vs. 38% of votes by #TeamSpoon. The poll has garnered 94,111 votes, 724 retweets, and 2,000 likes.

"Kraft Mac & Cheese has been a staple on American tables for over 80 years, so it’s no surprise people have strong opinions on how to eat it," said Healy. "Social listening uncovered that mac and cheese lovers are in fact divided over whether Kraft Mac & Cheese is best eaten with a fork or spoon, which we knew was a rich territory to explore."

Since the 1970s, Kraft Mac & Cheese has alternated between featuring a fork or spoon on the box, she said. But this is the first time the brand is leaving it up to the public to choose which utensil will be featured on the box. The silverware that garners the most votes between now and Saturday will take center stage on Kraft Mac & Cheese boxes in 2019.

Olson Engage is leading media strategy, message development, and media relations. VML is handling social strategy and content development. Starcom is the media agency on the campaign.

The brand is using social video content, created by VML and supported by paid media, to promote the campaign. It posted a video of adults and children passionately defending their utensil of choice on Twitter. Several other short videos were also posted on Kraft Mac & Cheese’s Twitter page, linking back to the poll.

Kraft is also promoting the campaign via a nationally distributed press release and widespread media outreach to online national lifestyle, entertainment, and food publications, as well as local outlets.

Budget information was not disclosed.

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