Flack on Friday: Boating happy, US PR chief in London, cryin' lions, how many emails?

In Flack this week: Inside the journalist inbox, PRWeek man in baby form, PRCA boat party, and Angie Moxham revives the '90s spirit.

Controversial American visits London (no, the other one)

Flack hears that a controversial American leader is in the UK capital this week. No, we’re not talking about President Trump. We’re referring to Burson Cohn & Wolfe global CEO Donna Imperato, who has flown into town to meet the agency’s local leadership, and WPP.

Will she emulate her president by decrying the neighbourhood of BCW’s London office as a "lousy location", or incite the rage of locals, prompting mass protests? Or perhaps meet up with ex-footballers Saint and Greavsie to reminiscence about the time they did the draw for the fifth round of the 1992 League Cup?

Flack's respective answers to those three questions: probably not; maybe in some Burson staffers' dreams; highly unlikely (but not completely impossible).

...on which note

Talking of protests, kudos to Teneo Blue Rubicon’s Lotte Jones for noting the Met Police’s guide to demonstrating:

Making waves

Lots of fun was had aboard the good ship Erasmus last night for the annual PRCA Summer Boat Party on the Thames. That fact was not reflected in this rather stern picture of the trade body's head honchos Francis Ingham (right) and Matt Cartmell, who appear to be fearing the worst near the start of the voyage:

Perhaps this post from Ingham explains things:

Flack is happy to report that both men had a wonderful time in the end, and they weren't alone:

You’ve got (really rather a lot of) mail

We know some journalists like to complain about the volume of emails clogging up their inboxes; typically during the seldom enjoyable ‘did you get my press release?’ call from the PR pro.

So Flack was interested to see data about the issue this week when (with a degree of irony highlighted by the sender) an email arrived from media research firm PressChoice.

The firm’s survey of 238 journalists across 55 publications found 53 per cent have 200 or more unopened emails, a figure growing to 75 per cent for section editors. The proportion among trade hacks, incidentally, is lower, at 41 per cent.

Two hundred unopened emails? That seemed very low, as a snap poll of PRWeek journalists put the number well into four figures.

In fact, PressChoice divulged that one editor had a staggering 45,000 over the last 12 months.

Flack is certain the main problem is poorly targeted marketing spam rather than concise pitches from PR professionals. Let’s hope GDPR will make journos’ lives more bearable in this regard.


Worth a try

Talking of PR pitch emails… The Sunday Times’ political editor may not be so keen, but Flack admires the gumption of the PR professional responsible for this one:

Moxham parties like it’s 1990-something

Angie Moxham, the founder of 3 Monkeys and Flack’s habitual muse, was spotting partying with Keith Allen at the Groucho on Wednesday night. Allen of course, wrote the lyrics to 1998 World Cup song Vindaloo, but evidently his spirits were not dampened by England having just lost to Croatia.

The match-up (Allen and Moxham, not the Three Lions game) lead PR industry onlookers to check whether they’d leapt back in time to the 90s. Evidently not; Alex from Blur and Damien Hirst were nowhere to be seen.

If at first you don't succeed, cry, cry and cry again

On the subject of football, half-Croatian, half-French Flack wasn't too upset about England being knocked out of the World Cup, but pretty much everyone else was, so mobile network Three decided to update its Three (lion emojis) branding with the tears of the nation:

Child’s play

To the other tournament taking place this summer, now, and who is this familiar (baby) face in tennis gear?

Last year Evian’s Live Young campaign for Wimbledon created a series of images of celebrity and sports star babies to match their adult counterparts. Working with Golin and retouch studio Happy Finish, this year the brand is allowing some lucky members of the public to do the same. The #Babydoubles campaign will create ‘baby-fied’ versions of their mugshots when they upload them to Facebook.

PRWeek fans may recognise the face of a certain esteemed journalist*, below, and his infant doppelganger.

Clever stuff, although this picture is a tad disturbing, if Flack is honest…

* It’s PRWeek UK editor Danny Rogers, FYI

Influenc-urgh marketing

Flack is no fan of clunky influencer campaigns. Here are two turkeys we’ve noted of late. Get the kettle on and check out the replies in each case...

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