How advice from mom helped these 13 PR pros

Happy Mother's Day!

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Photo credit: Getty Images

As Mother’s Day approaches, we asked PR pros on social media: What life lessons that you learned from your mother as a child have followed you into your comms career?

The following are 13 answers people in the industry shared with PRWeek on LinkedIn and Twitter:

Cameron Craig, head of global corporate comms, View Dynamic Glass
My mother was a primary school teacher. She taught me to always be willing to adapt and change. Teaching is always changing. There is always something newer and better to try. It's the same in comms. Try to embrace change instead of resisting it.

Laurie Spindler-Jones, head of brand and communications, Lighthouse
Very simply: to trust my instincts.

Randy Ksar, social media manager, 8x8
My mom taught me about understanding and learning from different cultures from an early age. We lived in Switzerland during my elementary school days and the school we went to had lots of families from different countries since the UN was nearby. Fast forward to today, collaboration with different teams around the globe is key to finding the right storytellers in a company. Writing content that is authentic, human, and empathetic is key and my mom taught me that.

Adam Ritchie, principal, Adam Ritchie Brand Direction
Write everything down.

Molly Montag, senior communications adviser, Enbridge
"Never tell someone to shut up." My mom absolutely taught me this and it applies in two ways: 1. The fool speaks but the wise man listens; and 2. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Rob Ellis, corporate communications manager, Bristol Water
You can learn from anyone at any time.

Julia Thornton, senior manager of global product communications, Meltwater
You catch more flies with honey.

Brad Plothow, VP of marketing and communications, Womply
"Mama said there’d be days like this." PR is a rollercoaster ride of massive highs and lows, with short intervals in between. You have to stay on an even keel.

Nicholas Adams, president, NINICO Communications
Mom would say: "It's not always what you say - it's the way you say it." I still think of this in meetings with clients and even moments of crisis communication.

Rachel McGuire, communications manager, Western Municipal Water District
Work hard. Always go the extra mile. Be kind.

Pratishtha Kaura, manager, Text100
Never give up - the most important thing I have learned from my mother which applies in life as well as PR.

Stella Kiguta-Ng'ang'a, comms director, GSK
The truth shall set you free.

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