Taco Bell offers $500 gift card to superfan Jeopardy! contestant

Jeopardy! contestant Rishab Jain said he'd spend the grand prize of $100,000 on a lifetime supply of Taco Bell.

IRVINE, CA: Taco Bell is offering a $500 gift card to a superfan who, while appearing on Jeopardy! this week, said he would spend the grand prize of $100,000 on a lifetime supply of the chain’s food.

However, Rishab Jain, a Georgia Institute of Technology freshman who was a semifinalist in the Jeopardy! College Championship this Wednesday, unfortunately did not advance to the finals.

On Wednesday evening, Jeopardy! created a short video about Jain’s love for Taco Bell and tweeted it with the message, "Hey @tacobell, would 100,000 #TripleMeltBurritos be enough to last Rishab a lifetime?"

Taco Bell replied on Friday with an image of gift cards and the message, "College can feel like a lifetime. We'll help you get through it, Rishab."

Matt Prince, PR and brand engagement manager at Taco Bell, said on Friday afternoon that Jain does not know he has been offered a $500 gift card from the chain.

"We were a little vague with our tweet," Prince said. "We have received a couple of inquiries from media and I was able to disclose the quantity within there, but we will have to reach out to him directly to let him know."

Prince said his team wanted to reward Jain for his fandom. He explained that the gift card idea was "the least Taco Bell could do" to help Jain get through college.

"Anyone who is dedicated enough to commit their $100,000 potential earnings to a lifetime supply of Taco Bell is a fan," said Prince.

The brand has not devised a larger messaging strategy around Jain. It is, however, interacting with Jeopardy! on Taco Bell.

"We are going to be organic with this," said Prince. "We are just doing this for him, and if it gains steam, that is great."

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