Smokin' results: Medical marijuana company doubles patient visits after users share stories

LeafLine Labs' campaign focused on the "firsts" its patients experience after receiving treatment.

Smokin' results: Medical marijuana company doubles patient visits after users share stories

Company: LeafLine Labs
Campaign: More Firsts
Agency: Haberman (PR agency partner)
Duration: June - October 2017

Minnesota’s medical cannabis program currently allows for treatment of 10 health conditions, but only a fraction of eligible people in the state are actually treated with cannabis. LeafLine Labs, one of only two companies authorized to manufacture medical cannabis in Minnesota, invited locals to learn more about the medicine through real patient experiences.

LeafLine Labs and its PR agency partner, Haberman, began planning for campaign in October 2016.

The brand decided on a campaign that would focus on the "firsts" that Leafline Labs’ patients experience after receiving treatment.

"Our primary objective was to create awareness of the proven success of LeafLine Labs’ medicine and drive traffic to the LeafLine Labs website for patient journey information," explained Emalie Wichman, creative director at Haberman.

The campaign team looked to use Facebook as a primary social platform for content and videos.

Beginning on June 5, 2017, the LeafLine launched out-of-home advertisements displayed on light rail transit platforms and bus shelters in Minneapolis-St. Paul and its surrounding suburbs.

The same day, LeafLine published the first patient story for the campaign on Facebook. Patient testimonials and stories produced for the campaign lived on Facebook, the brand website, and the LeafLine Labs blog.

On July 19, the brand released the first of seven videos through a paid push on Facebook. These campaign videos focused on the stories of three specific patients: A teenager battling ovarian cancer; a man who suffers from multiple sclerosis; and a woman looking to relieve her symptoms from fibromyalgia.

"The featured patients’ willingness to invite us into their lives to share their stories was profound and made a big impact on the work," said Wichman. "Focusing on the patient stories humanized the campaign and helped us overcome any media partner hesitations."

Through More Firsts content produced the during campaign's duration, LeafLine received nearly 42,000 clicks-throughs to its website.

In total, the campaign videos have received close to 740,000 views on Facebook alone. LeafLine saw about 29,000 engagements on Facebook as well, measured through click-throughs, likes, and shares.

The brand's patient numbers increased dramatically over the course of the campaign. In May and June, LeafLine was seeing about 84 patients per day. By the end of the campaign in November, that number went up to 150 patients per day.

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