2 minutes with Joslyn Davis

Joslyn Davis says influencers have transformed every industry by giving fans access to things they love.

Fast Facts

Host of YouTube channel Clevver, which lives at the intersection of pop and internet cultures.
4 million across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

12 million across 5 YouTube channels: Clevver Style, Clevver TV, Clevver News, Clevver Music, ClevverTeve (Hispanic)

Female: 53%; Male: 47%
Secret, Nair, Express, T-Mobile, Metro PCS

How did you get where you are today?
I am an executive producer and host at Clevver. We started our first YouTube channel, ClevverTV, 9 years ago, bringing premium entertainment news content to a millennial audience. We’ve expanded and launched multiple other channels. 

How have influencers transformed the beauty industry?
When I was a kid, people I looked up to were traditional celebs like Britney Spears. In the ‘90s and early 2000s, we didn’t have direct access to those people or even the products they like. If I had known [Spears] used a specific self-tanner, I would have been the first in line. Influencers have totally transformed every industry because they are giving their fans and followers access to the things they love and that really effects what people are buying. 

How do you use your power to influence?
We cover crazy beauty trends and interview celebrities - I get it, we are not solving the world’s problems. But we are working intentionally to create a space for people to be themselves. Our mantra is: Do you, be you, and come along with us. 

What leads to the most success and engagement with your content?
Being authentic. It’s the buzzword of the century. But it’s that way because it is actually true. You have to be yourself. People are smart and see through the BS. You have to serve them up something that is real. 

Talk about a successful campaign you worked on with a brand.
We’ve done multiple videos with Nair. In the first one, for our Beauty Trippin series, we were driving in the car. I pulled over on the side of the road to wax my moustache. It worked, and we kept on driving. The comments were, "I tried the wax strips; they totally worked." They let us do what we wanted. It was wildly successful. It was seamless, organic, and authentic. I said "authentic" again. You’re welcome. 

What are the biggest social media faux pas?
I understand what people and brands are trying to do when they use 75,000 hashtags on a photo, but I get very distracted by them. It’s too many. And I don’t know if there is any ROI. 

Advice for influencers who want to work with brands?
Run yourself like a business. Be professional, respond to emails, answer phone calls, meet deadlines, do the things you agree to do. If you don’t have representation, make sure you know what you’re committing to. Hire a lawyer, have them read the contracts.

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