DIARY: Flogging stash of Monkeys an option for Cake

The liquidation of ITV Digital is bad news for consumer agency Cake. Taken on for the launch of ITV Sport and to handle publicity surrounding those 'Monkey' ads (the successful part of the network's PR?), the agency is still owed a 'nominal sum' in unpaid fees.

As the agency joins the ranks of the failed venture's creditors in an effort to recoup the cash, director Clare Craven was taking a surprisingly relaxed approach to the debt: 'Given the fact we have about 100 ITV Digital Monkeys in storage, we're not too worried,' she said.

A visit to auction website eBay explains why. With the knitted simians selling for more than £125 a piece, the agency is potentially sitting on a £12,500 asset, should it decide to cash in on the stash of toys.

Perhaps if the defunct company had concentrated on the production and inflated retail of the - presumably cheaply-made - toys, it might not have come to such a sticky end.

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