A day in the life of EvolveMKD's Megan Driscoll

Driscoll dishes on everything from her morning routine to what she wishes she knew before starting an agency.

A day in the life of EvolveMKD's Megan Driscoll

First thing done in the morning
I take a minute to think about what, or who, I am grateful for from the day before. This is easiest on the days I am home and wake up next to my husband, but even when I am traveling for work, I try to spend a few minutes grounding myself in the present before I frantically check my email. My team just took a class where it was suggested that we journal every morning, so I am thinking of adding that to my morning routine as well.

Morning routine
My morning routine is typically some type of exercise (yoga, pilates, or boxing) and then hustling to the office. We have a new client, Virtual Health Partners, which offers gym classes you can take virtually, so if I am really pressed for time, I try to fit in a 20-minute class through the app before I start getting dressed.

Usual holdup getting to the office
Usually, it’s the ability to find a pair of shoes that match what I am wearing. I haven’t had a chance to fully organize my closet yet since moving into our new apartment so digging through the shoe boxes costs me about 10 minutes.

Commute difficulty, on a scale of 1-10
My husband and I just moved to the East Village, and while we love it, the public transportation options aren’t great.  My commute difficulty is about a five, especially if the weather is bad.

Time of arrival at your desk
I prefer to get to my desk between 8 and 8:30 a.m., but more regularly arrive around 9 to 9:15 am because of said shoe finding issue, or because a client with an emergency that has to be fixed before I can head off.

Personal office
My office has white sparkly wall paper, great lighting, and a quote from Michael Jordan on the wall that was custom-painted. My husband always quotes Michael Jordan to me when things get tough as a business owner, so I like being able to see that. I also have a signed Willis Reed (former New York Knick) in my office and am working on a custom neon sign to go behind where I sit. My office is definitely a good mix of beauty and strength.

First thing to do in the office
I pick up a large green tea on my way into the office, typically sip my tea at my desk and check my calendar to see what’s on deck for the day. I also like chatting with my team about their weekends and what they did the night before. We have some great stories!

Tip for a proactive day
The best tip I’ve heard is to book 45-minute meetings, rather than an hour, as it forces you to leave a 15-minute window. I like to use those 15 minute windows to ensure I am not late for the next meeting or call, go to the ladies room, walk around, or just take a few deep breathes before jumping into the next thing.

Work through lunch or take a break?
Always work through lunch! The only break is when I have lunch with a client, influencer, reporter, or a team member.

Meetings per average day
About 10 to 12. Usually a combination of meetings and calls.

Average days of the month on the road
Anywhere from five to 10 days a month. It’s been going in waves lately, meaning I’ll have three straight weeks of travel then a month off. Then it will get crazy again. I really enjoy traveling for work, so I don’t mind it at all.

How much work done after hours
I try to finish up what I can, even if it means staying pretty late, so when I leave for the night, I am really done and can be engaged in my personal life (date night, friend night or just hanging out on my couch).

Best tip for unplugging after a long day
I try to take a 30-minute break from being at "work" to allow myself to transition to "non-work." This can be as simple as sitting quietly in a cab en route to dinner and reflecting on the day or catching up on personal calls. I try to make sure there is a definitive end to work and a clear start to non-work time.  

Favorite show or entertainment
I love trying restaurants with my husband. It’s our time to catch up, unwind, and broaden our culinary horizons. Recently we spent the afternoon at Blue Stone Hills Farm, and my husband joked that it was the first time he had seen me in a kitchen since we met. That joke got a ton of comments on social media from friends and family.

Unplug completely, sometimes, or rarely on the weekends? 
It’s unplug sometimes – I am trying to get better about keeping one day a weekend completely sacred and work-free. We’ve been growing pretty quickly, so that has been challenging and has made working one day a weekend a necessity.

One thing you wish you had known before starting an agency
I wish someone had told me that everything in your life will need to be scheduled if you really want it to happen – dates, sex, friend time, exercise. It’s the only way I can make sure all of the things I love doing happen regularly!

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