The Girl with No Job to Snapchat: 'Shame on you'

At PRWeek's Swipe Right conference on Thursday, the social media star had harsh words for Snapchat.

Photo credit: Diana Bradley
Photo credit: Diana Bradley

NEW YORK: Instagram star the Girl with No Job, real name Claudia Oshry, has a message for Snapchat: shame on you.

"A hotdog filter is the best you can do? Come on," said Oshry at the PRWeek Swipe Right conference on Thursday, about Snapchat’s recent updates.

Oshry, who has 4 million followers on social media and has partnered with brands such as Amazon and Burger King, said Instagram is her favorite social media platform.

"Snapchat invented this whole concept that Instagram straight up stole, so on one hand, I feel like justice for Snapchat, they were robbed," she said. "But shame on Snapchat for not innovating whatsoever."

Oshry noted that the most recent update from Snapchat, Snap Maps, could put her and other social media stars in danger. She also said Snapchat doesn’t listen to its users when they complain about features such as auto-playing videos, and that it takes the company up to a year to fix problems.

Plus: it’s hard to gain followers on Snapchat, she said.

"The only thing Snapchat has on Instagram is that its filters are funnier," said Oshry.

Oshry had advice for brands: don’t dive headfirst into partnering with an influencer. She recommended using a program such as SocialBlade to make sure influencers and their followers are legit.

"There are influencers who pay subscription companies to like their Instagrams every month," she said. "That’s crazy. I see people on my feed getting huge campaigns."

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