Matt Zarb-Cousin: We're not going to win this campaign by being polite on Twitter

Jeremy Corbyn's former spokesman Matt Zarb-Cousin, who has now returned to his former role at the Campaign for Fairer Gambling, has defended his robust Twitter style.

Matt Zarb-Cousin: We're not going to win this campaign by being polite on Twitter

Zarb-Cousin has gained a reputation for his outspoken manner on the social network - the slang term 'melt' is used frequently towards those disagreeing with him, while his current pinned tweet refers to what he sees as hypocrisy by TV presenter Jeremy Kyle, writing: "If I ever sell out like this absolute wet wipe please stick a bullet in my brain, thanks a lot."

He has recently turned his focus towards "centrist dads".

While he has his detractors, the anti-gambling campaigner's approach appears to have had success in raising the profile of himself and his campaign. He is currently in what he calls an "adversarial" battle against the gambling industry, ahead of a Government consultation expected next month.

Asked by PRWeek at the Labour Party Conference whether his Twitter style was appropriate, he said: "Since leaving Jeremy's office, I've had a lot of very nasty attacks on me and you can either ignore them or you can try to make a joke out of it by replying, which I tend to do, which tends to wind them up more.

"We're not going to win this campaign by me being polite on Twitter, we'll win this campaign by generating story and winning the argument. I've built my profile up, I'm known, I have got a unique style perhaps, i think that helps, it makes you more intriguing. My profile has certainly helped the campaign since I've come back."

"If a tangent to that is that some people give it to me on Tiwtter and I give it back, then I'm happy to live with that because the important thing to me is the prominence of the campaign, and the issue."

He also said that "a couple of tweets here and there" is small matter compared to what he calls the "intimidating" lobbying of some in the gambling industry.

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