'Disturbing trend': Mail accuses Joy of suppressing debate by 'caving in' to Stop Funding Hate

The Daily Mail said the PR industry should be "worried" about what it calls a "disturbing trend" after PRWeek reported yesterday that fashion brand Joy wanted to prevent its ads appearing in the paper's online edition, after contact from Stop Funding Hate.

'Disturbing trend': Mail accuses Joy of suppressing debate by 'caving in' to Stop Funding Hate

As PRWeek reported yesterday, Joy announced its decision through a series of tweets after being contacted by the campaign group Stop Funding Hate.

The group pointed Joy to an article in the Mail Online titled 'Trans-friendly toilets, unisex uniforms. What next - burkas for boys, asks Richard Littlejohn', alongside which the fashion brand's ads appeared.

Joy said it would work to prevent its ads appearing online in the Daily Mail and Daily Express after they were placed next to what it deemed "transphobic and racist" articles.

In response, a spokesman for the Daily Mail said: "Richard Littlejohn is an award-winning and widely read columnist known for his forthright and robust views. The article in question was neither transphobic nor racist. It was a satirical take on institutions succumbing to pressure from politically motivated lobby groups.

"A sorry example of this is Joy - which emphatically does not advertise in the Daily Mail newspaper - caving in to a tiny pressure group seeking to suppress legitimate debate and impose its views on others. The world of public relations - which rightly champions freedom of expression - should be worried about this disturbing trend."

The ads that appeared alongside this article appear to have been placed via a third party, rather than with the Mail itself.

PRWeek has contacted Joy for comment.

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