The dad blogger behind DaDa Rocks! to brands: When you contact me, don't call me 'Daddy'

Adam Cohen of DaDa Rocks! talks about the challenges and opportunities he faces as a dad blogger and microinfluencer.

Fast Facts

Dad blogger who provides helpful tips for parents
Google Plus: 270K; Twitter: 90K; Instagram: 2K; Facebook: 2K
Female: 65%; Male: 35%; Ages: Majority 25-39, then 40-54
Pampers, Chobani, Samsung

What are the challenges for dad bloggers working with brands?
I don’t see a lot of challenges. It’s about having that different gender. We talk about how dads are relaxed and moms are uptight. I don’t see that. [There are stereotypes in the] products we get pitched and products we use. The biggest challenge is finding the right fit. You want something organic and something that works for you.

On the flipside, what are the opportunities?
There are opportunities for brands, such as CPG companies. For example, I just did a great campaign with Entenmann’s Little Bites [showing how] I get my son ready for school every day. That was a great brand partnership.

Are dad bloggers underutilized as influencers?
Absolutely. They might be underutilized because it’s hard to find them. The population of dad bloggers is 10-times less than mommy bloggers.

Do you think blogs are dying?
I don’t think blogs, Twitter, or Facebook is dying. We go through usage periods. When you look at blog readership, the numbers are as strong as ever. There are more platforms out there. [Blogs] are only getting stronger, and there are more opportunities and engagements.

Why should a brand work with a micro-influencer over a mega-influencer?
Brands understand micro-influencers could be a way better targeted approach than an influencer or celebrity. Think of it this way: When you go to the doctor and you’re having surgery, you are not trying to do it to the whole body. You’re going in with precision and a scalpel. If you want to hyper target, micro-influencers are the way to go.

What is your advice to brands approaching micro-influencers to market their products?
Read their stuff, follow them on Instagram or Twitter, and make it a personalized pitch. Don’t send cold copy and don’t send a copy and paste. I am only "Dad" to my kids. When you contact me, do not write, "Hey, Daddy," or, "Hey, Dada." That’s like saying, "Hey, Mom." She’s not your mom. She’s a mom. Learn our first names. If that means a mail merge might not work, don’t use a mail merge.

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