Swipe right to embrace change

As communications evolves at a frantic pace it has never been more important to keep your knowledge, skills, and inspiration up to date to remain on top of your brief.

Everything that has happened in the last few months suggests our industry is fundamentally changing at a pace that is unprecedented.

Everyone in communications and marketing is used to change being a constant in their daily working lives. But developments such as the factors behind the disappointing Q2 agency holding company financial results; the trends on view in the bellwether event that is the Cannes Festival of Creativity; the rise of the management consultancy firms as a force in marketing; and the continued push by clients toward cost-cutting, zero-based budgeting, and fewer suppliers suggest to me the next 12 to 18 months are going to be pivotal in determining the future of PR.

Ally to this the generational changes in media consumption, consumer behavior, and cultural references, and this makes it the most exciting time to be working in communications, but also a little frightening.

The much-touted millennial and generation Z cohorts will shell out a cool $250 billion this year - they are the mainstream consumers of the future that brands and corporations are desperate to engage.

The young people in these generations also exert major influence over brand reputation, and have specific expectations about the way they want companies to behave and engage in social issues. For example, they would rather earn a little less money and work for a company with a mission they believe in, than take the extra dollar and compromise their beliefs.

As PRWeek’s Swipe Right conference in New York City on Thursday, October 12 will reflect, digital natives hold this future of the communications industry I talk about above in their hands.

Just as the industry is changing, so is the way people want to gain experiences that will help them in their day to day - and this will be no ordinary event.

Noone wants to sit in a conference hall all day and be talked into submission. We know how valuable your time is, so we want to make sure the experience is as educational, interactive, and useful as possible.

That’s why Swipe Right is adopting a workshop, open-space learning, and networking approach to the day. We are also engaging new influencers as ambassadors and interactive participants in the experience, as well as hosting sessions from influencers such as the Girl With No Job, Cool Mom Picks’ Liz Gumbinner, and Manon Matthews.

Senior marketers sharing their expertise include Facebook CMO Gary Briggs, IBM’s CMO Michelle Peluso, and Tinder’s VP of global communications and branding Rosette Pambakian. We have the founder and CEO of innovative businesses such as Minibar Delivery and Boxed. Digital mavens such as Swan Sit at Revlon will opine on the way marketing has revolutionized in recent years.

And, with the issue of attracting the brightest young staffers to your organization top of mind, HR leaders from Warby Parker, BuzzFeed, and Aflac will share the innovative ideas that are pushing their organizations forward from a talent point of view.

Honestly? This is the most innovative and most exciting conference lineup PRWeek has put together in my soon-to-be eight years on the brand.

If you attend yourself or send members of your team, you can be sure the investment will pay dividends many-fold down the line.

I exhort you to join us on October 12 for what will be a fantastic day of inspiration, aspiration, and admiration – sign up here to ensure you secure your place for the communications and marketing event of the year.

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