Breakfast Briefing, 7.19.2017: Google takes on Facebook with personalized mobile search

Plus: A former Disney star and social media influencer is enraging his California neighbors.

Big changes are coming to Google search on mobile devices. The company is muscling its way onto Facebook’s turf with a revamped on-the-go search giving users a more personalized news feed with info about sports, hobbies, and other topics. In a blog post announcing the enhancements, Google called the platform "a smart feed that changes with you."

It’s a familiar tale by now: former Disney star strays from the PG-rated path, goes wild, and leaves parents stunned. (See Cyrus, Miley). Jake Paul has added a new twist, infuriating his Los Angeles area neighbors by living with what Mic calls "a rotating cast of fellow influencers," throwing over-the-top parties, and staging wild stunts on his property. Neighbors are meeting with local officials to decide whether to file a class action suit against Paul, who has more than 20 million social media followers.

The violent removal of Dr. David Dao from a flight in April was a black eye for United Airlines’ image, but it didn’t even touch the company’s bottom line. The carrier’s revenue and profit, reported Tuesday, were both up in the second quarter, as was the amount of money it made per passenger. The airline’s key financial metrics beat analysts’ expectations in the quarter, according to Reuters.

Wall Street’s reputation on Main Street is no better than it was at the height of the Great Recession nearly a decade ago, according to the latest Bloomberg National Poll, released on Wednesday. Only a third of Americans view the financial sector positively, and a majority are more likely to distrust billionaires than admire them, according to the research.

The White House is trying to push back against reports President Donald Trump held a second, previously undisclosed meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G-20 Summit in Germany. Trump tweeted twice Tuesday night, calling the stories "sick" and saying, "The Fake News is becoming more and more dishonest!" One indication RussiaGate and the Republicans’ failure to reform healthcare are taking a toll: a majority of respondents told an ABC News poll released Wednesday morning that they’d prefer to see the Democrats gain control of Congress in 2018.

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