PUBLIC SECT0R: Mencap in bid to attract younger donors

Mencap is for the first time concentrating PR efforts on attracting 'younger, more affluent donors'.

The move has been taken in a bid to broaden its supporter base of traditionally older adults and parents.

The disabilities charity has launched a series of events, under the name Fallen, to better target young professionals.

This includes a greater use of adventure activities and links with celebrities, which it is hoped will better connect with younger audiences and draw media coverage to this sector.

The charity has launched a catalogue of 'experience' gifts, and shorthaul challenges including a sponsored cycle expedition across the Sierra Nevada.

The charity has also implemented contemporary designs to its fundraising materials in an effort to target 'youthful, energetic people'.

Mencap director of strategy David Scott-Ralph confirmed the new direction for the charity, but reiterated it would not be abandoning its core supporter base: 'As a membership organisation, we are seeking to increase membership from all demographic areas, but especially the younger generation.

'What we're seeing around fundraising and generally across the organisation is better targeting of this group. While maintaining our heritage and existing support, we are pushing ahead into new areas with our work, seeking to make Mencap an organisation that is relevant to all.'

Senior press officer Francesca Deakin added: 'We're not forgetting older donors. When the charity was founded it was as a support group for parents of children affected. Now we have changed our constitution to make our broader base official,' she said. 'We're holding the Mencap ball in April, which will appeal predominantly to our older supporters. We have to remember that different donors have different interests.'.

Fallen was originally used for a fundraising parachute jump and now covers all young person orientated money-making efforts.

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