As an Italian PR working in the UK - I'm not 'breathing a sigh of relief' at all

I read PRWeek's article 'Industry will 'breathe massive sigh of relief' after May's EU nationals pledge', but I don't really feel relieved.

Actually, what is the real pledge about? I feel a bit more uncomfortable than before and I don’t really think the rights and the position of us as EU citizens are really taken into fully consideration. There is no substance.

The UK is known to have the best PR industry in Europe.

That’s why I and a lot of people like me chose this country. We’re learning and most of the time applying skills we gained at university, in countries where we are allowed to study but too often not allowed to have a professional future. And sometimes not allowed to have a proper future.

Lack of jobs, lack of practices, lack of opportunities to grow and invest. We moved to the UK to invest in ourselves and we’re investing our present and our future in this country, helping the UK PR industry while doing this. And we’ve been doing this for days, months, years.

I don’t think we’re being listened to or even asked.

We haven’t been allowed to have a say on our future in this country a year ago. And last week, the Brexit anniversary, this sounds stronger – and more disheartening – than before.

The how, the why and the what are still not clear – is it now a right for people who have been here for five years only?

What about the others who have been paying taxes and working hard for less than 5 years? I don’t think this is "a welcome piece of news in uncertain times" [as PRCA chief Francis Ingham said on Friday]. 

There is no news in here but just another categorisation of citizenship.

What I read is a lot of claims with no real substance and we’re still here, a year later, with no real clue of what this Brexit means to us – unless you’ve been here for five years maybe, of course.

Valerio Rossetti is an account director at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. He moved to London from his native Italy in 2014

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